Strachan ArtScape™

High Standard digital imaging onto professional worsted cloth

ArtScape™ is high definition, digital imaging onto premium grade, spill protected pool table cloths.

Using our expertise and leading edge technologies we print unique, photo realistic designs coordinated across the bed and cushion rails. ArtScape™ imaging is available on cloth made for both American and English pool. All our fabrics are manufactured to the highest quality and durability.

We have over 100 years experience in the manufacture of pool and snooker cloths. We possess the unique ability to process the printed cloth through our finishing technology to achieve the perfect playing surface whether this is a fine worsted or a fine napped finish.

ArtScape pool cloths can increase table revenue by up to 40% and offer the complete solution; each is made to measure, individually packaged and easy to fit.

Our designs do not affect cloth performance or play characteristics and maintain cloth appearance for longer by minimising the effects of wear.